Development worker (m/f/d) on Energy Efficiency


As a federal company, the GIZ supports the federal government in achieving its goals in international cooperation for sustainable development. By sending qualified specialists as development workers, the GIZ is making a contribution to the permanent improvement of the living conditions of the local people.

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    09/01/2021 - 08/31/2023
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Job description

The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Program (REEP) strengthens the long-term promotion of renewable energies and energy efficiency in Nepal by establishing necessary institutional structures, processes, and coordination mechanisms at national and sub-national level. To this end, the Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC) is supported in the creation of procedural regulations, advanced training measures for AEPC staff are developed and competent bodies in provinces and municipalities are advised on integrated energy planning. Furthermore, REEP supports a demand-oriented market development for renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency services as well as the establishment of web-based platforms for the dissemination of knowledge.

Your tasks

  • Assisted AEPC in drafting the procedural requirements, accompanying rules, and standards of the Nepal Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency Act.
  • Advising AEPC as well as provincial and local governments on the integration of energy efficiency into energy planning activities
  • Identification of energy efficiency training needs for technical staff and development of Capacity Development measures together with the project partners
  • Advising on the development and establishment of knowledge management systems using digital tools such as apps, e-learning and peer learning, and web-based sharing formats.

Your profile

  • Energy related university degree as well as sound experience in the field of energy efficiency.
  • Work experience, also abroad, with government institutions or the private sector in the fields of energy efficiency.
  • Several years of consulting/working experience with organizations or public institutions.
  • Good network ability and quick grasp of new, complex contexts.
  • Adaptability and a good feel for working in an intercultural environment.
  • Good English skills, both written and spoken.

Location information

Under the following link you will find information about living and working in Nepal.

The security situation in the country calls for increased vigilance. Special precautionary measures apply to GIZ employees on site. GIZ's regulations for security measures must be followed at all times. Please also inform yourself about the Nepal-specific information by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. GIZ has established a professional and well-functioning security risk management system in Nepal. Occasionally, there are restrictions on freedom of mobility in the country. There are no restrictions on the part of GIZ to bring family members. Please, if required, find out which types of relationships are legally and socially accepted in Nepal.

The fine dust pollution in Kathmandu exceeds the European emission limit many times over. During the selection process and in the course of the employment examination, you will be informed about suitable protective and behavioral measures.




The willingness to take regular business trips is a prerequisite.

For general questions from dependent partners about on-site employment - please contact us at:

GIZ is a signatory to the Diversity Charter. Recognition, appreciation and inclusion of diversity in the company are important to us. All employees should experience appreciation - regardless of gender and gender identity, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age, sexual orientation.

The job advertisement is aimed at all genders.

Der Entwicklungsdienst der GIZ freut sich über Bewerber*innen mit abgeschlossener Berufsausbildung und/oder abgeschlossenem Studium, die über mindestens eine zweijährige relevante Berufserfahrung verfügen. Sie besitzen darüber hinaus die deutsche Staatsbürgerschaft oder die Staatsangehörigkeit eines anderen EU-Mitgliedsstaates.  

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Our benefits

To enable you to get ready for your assignment as a development worker and your outward journey, you will be given outward journey leave following your preparation time in Germany., As well as your basic living allowance, as a development worker you will also receive extensive additional benefits during your assignment (including a foreign service premium, family allowances, private group health insurance)., Your work will begin with an onboarding and preparation phase that will give you initial insights into GIZ and lay the groundwork for your upcoming assignment, establishing new contacts and building up your network., We will cover a large portion of the childcare costs for dependent children under 14 who are accompanying you if your partner is not doing so and is not a development worker or integrated expert themselves. Most nursery and school fees are paid., You and the members of your family accompanying you will be covered by our health and liability insurance, while your family members will also benefit from accident insurance. In countries in crisis, we operate a comprehensive risk management system for your protection, which minimises personal dangers and risks., We are a provider of international cooperation services for sustainable development and work to build a future worth living around the world. We support projects in over 130 countries to achieve goals sustainably together with our partners., Extensive check-ups and preventive measures (e.g. on appointment, before the outward journey, during the stay in a country of assignment, in an emergency) are provided to our staff and the family members accompanying them as a matter of course., We will reimburse you for your rental costs based on the rent index for your country as well as paying you an equipment and furnishing allowance on top., As a development worker, you can use the project vehicle for trips to school or to visit a doctor or can receive a monthly lump-sum mobility allowance instead. The project vehicle can also be used for personal trips with your manager’s approval.

About us

We offer the opportunity to work in an innovative and worldwide operating institution related to development policy. Your competencies and qualifications are demanded on the spot in an interdisciplinary team. You advise governmental and civil society organizations at local or municipal level. The Development Service of GIZ offers a comprehensive service package. It includes a specific technical and personal preparation. The basis for the deployment of specialists in the development service is the German Development Workers Act (EhfG).


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