Vice President of Technology, SiC Epitaxy (m/f/d)

Svagos Technik


Vice President of Technology, SiC Epitaxy (m/f/d)

Location of the job: Santa Clara, California - USA or Hamburg i.e. Rostock - Germany

The Company:

Svagos Technik (The Company, Svagos) is a technology venture based in Santa Clara, California, and registered in Delaware, USA. It is backed by a well-known investor in the global renewable energy sector. Svagos Technik is developing  at very low cost of production for various electronic applications using its proprietary Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) technology.

The technology platform offers cross-functional opportunities in semiconductor wafer processing and flexibility to develop various products, such as epitaxial SiC substrates. The Company has launched its strategically important program to develop a proprietary reactor and a proprietary process for SiC epitaxy. Svagos intends to expand its SiC development operations into High Volume Manufacturing (HVM) and to enter the market via IPO in the long term. The Company is inviting applications for the position of SiC Epitaxy VP of Technology/Research Fellow to strengthen its organization.


  • The VP of Technology is responsible for providing comprehensive technical guidance on development of SiC reactor and process development for the production of epitaxial SiC wafer
  • Provide fundamental guidance and insight into the evolution of various crystallographic imperfections in epitaxial SiC to the general technical team
  • Develop cause and effect relationship for elimination of defects in epitaxial SiC and provide clear directions for reactor design, epitaxial process development and downstream materials process evolution
  • Work closely with the Simulation group to understand the impact of reactor design and process conditions on the quality of epitaxial SiC
  • Work closely with the CVD group to understand and design the process conditions to improve the quality of epitaxial SiC
  • Work closely with the Materials group and CVD group to understand the impact of the quality of the SiC substrate (used in epitaxy) on the epitaxial SiC layers and provide solutions to improve quality and yield
  • Develop various characterization techniques to identify and engineer all relevant crystallographic imperfections in SiC
  • Build the characterization and metrology laboratory required for the assessment of the quality of incoming SiC substrate, outgoing epitaxial SiC, and evolving epitaxial SiC wafer
  • Develop a clear understanding of characteristics of the epitaxial SiC product and the device performance to enable effective customer interaction
  • Lead and support applications engineering activities for product qualification with customers
  • Develop out of the box concepts to accelerate product qualification
  • Generate and manage Intellectual property on SiC
  • Lead comprehensive applied R&D on SiC to stay on the cutting edge of SiC materials knowledge. Translate this knowledge into new generation or product, process, and reactor improvements

The SiC Epitaxy VP of Technology will be responsible for the execution of the Company’s short and long term epitaxial SiC research and development, including the development in a matrix structure. He/She will technically support the mission of the CEO and the Company. The job involves providing clear guidance to the Equipment Design, Simulations, CVD, and Materials groups in the development of various novel SiC epitaxial reactors and processes leveraging internal proprietary unit operations, external supply chain and outsourced activities.

The VP of Technology is expected to enable turnkey solutions on various new technology platforms, from concept to commercialization. Specific experience in SiC materials is required and expertise in silicon is preferred. The VP of Technology must develop collaborations with research institutes, laboratories, universities, and other relevant institutes involved in SiC research. He/She will be the technology face of the company in matters of SiC Research and Development.

SiC Epitaxy VP of Technology will be responsible for generating the Company’s SiC related IP. He/She will manage company’s IP with the help of the IP firm hired by the Company. Keeping a track of competitors’ IP development and devising the plan for Svagos to differentiate itself is a must. The VP of Technology should also help the VP of Materials and Senior Director of CVD in development the product roadmap.


Core Competencies Desired:

  • Expertise in all key elements of technology development, technical risk assessment and management, product and process development, and supply chain in the SiC Epitaxy industry
  • General ability to provide turnkey solutions on new technology platforms, from concept to commercialisations. Ability to do the same on SiC Epitaxy based technology platforms
  • Familiarity in technology transfer, and an appreciation for all steps involved in product commercialisation
  • A thorough understanding of various unit operations involved in the present SiC substrate processing, particularly SiC epitaxy, and various mechanical and chemical processes
  • Background in various fields of engineering and science, and ability to understand risk adjusted development needs. Insights into materials science, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, device physics for SiC, chemistry, heterogeneous processes, layer transfer are desired
  • Clear understanding of the technology value chain and application of SiC wafers in fabrication of devices. A good understanding of the features of the SiC substrate and their impact on the device quality and yield
  • Ability to influence technically competent but small organizations by keeping them motivated to deliver difficult technology development goals. Ability to lead, independent of the position or title
  • Ability to hybridise theoretical analysis with experimental development, to manage time and risk
  • Expertise in working with executives tasked with delivering on timeline by developing multiple risk adjusted options to achieve the stated goal
CA 95054 Santa Clara or Hamburg / Rostock
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Svagos Technik
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95054 Santa Clara
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