Master Thesis Solar Power - Abschlussarbeit Solarthermische Kraftwerke

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Master Thesis Solar Power - Abschlussarbeit Solarthermische Kraftwerke / Almeria Spain

Analysis of mechanically induced noise on flexible pipe connectors for parabolic trough solar collectors

Masterarbeit Solarenergie in Kombination mit einem Erasmus-Plus-Stipendium, ab Herbst 2021 für 6 Monate in Almería/Südspanien

A test bench for accelerated testing of flexible pipe connectors for parabolic trough collectors (PTCs) is installed at the international test center Plataforma Solar de Almería (CIEMAT’s PSA) in Spain.

The main objective of this system is the accelerated testing of the flexible pipe connectors, one of the key components in PTC solar power plants.

Tests are performed in nominal operating conditions, i.e. pressure up to 40 bar, temperature up to 450°C, heat transfer fluid flow, with accelerated motion pattern representing the real loads throughout the components’ lifetime (~10,000 cycles) within a few weeks.

The works consist in the development of a novel noise measurement system based on accelerometer sensors and its integration in the test bench, for the study of the connectors’ durability and failure mechanisms.

The swivel joint friction produces noise during the step-by-step motion, which will change over time. The study aims at obtaining a correlation between the aging of the component and the noise signals that it produces, in order to predict possible future failures (condition monitoring).

After preparing and installing the monitoring system, the measured signals must be evaluated, displayed, analyzed and interpreted. A measurement cycle will be run, and the scientific assessment of the results will be addressed.

Both theoretical and practical works for the development of the measurements and their integration in the test bench are well suited for the combination of a thesis and an internship or traineeship.

  • Engineering studies: mechanical, electronic, physics, or other
  • Interest in measurement sensors and data acquisition systems
  • Programming abilities for signal analysis
  • Interest in practical works
  • Fluent in English
  • Experience in metrology and data acquisition is a plus
  • Excellent/good academic performance
  • High self-initiative and enthusiasm for Concentrating Solar Thermal Systems

Bewerbungen dürfen auf Deutsch, Englisch oder Spanisch sein. Bitte vollständige Ausbildungszeugnisse übermitteln.

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