Research Assistant at the Digitization & Tool Competence Center (DTCC)

MicroEnergy International

MicroEnergy International (MEI) is an internationally active consulting company with headquarters in Berlin, Germany. MEI works with financial institutions, energy product & service providers, international development actors, and policy makers to set up sustainable clean energy finance and implementation schemes. In this framework, MEI takes care of the overall project management (from planning through implementation to evaluation), thereby designing, evaluating and optimizing energy products and services, and ensuring that financial instruments are tailored to the needs of the business sector and end-users . MEI finally strengthens its activities through scientific quality management, in partnership with research institutions worldwide, and offers a variety of training opportunities.

The company is currently looking for interns to support the Digitization and Tool Competence Center (DTCC), which builds up the MEI's digital skills through extensive research and content development in digital solutions for climate change, renewable energy, energy efficiency and development finance. The Centre's main task is the management and optimization of the digital solutions, including tools developed by MEI, ensuring that the stakeholders' expectations are met and promoting effective knowledge transfer and capacity building within the company, its partners, and clients. Thus, ensuring that digital solutions are effectively incorporated into products and services. Additionally, this Competence Center manages the company's internet presence, increasing its visibility.

Description of your tasks

  • Conducting market research of different off-grid energy technologies in the targeted countries of the relevant projects.
  • Assisting the design and development of tools for renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies within the framework of different projects.
  • Energy modeling of various energy systems.
  • Evaluating the financial feasibility of energy access projects.
  • Other roles include supporting the team during field missions or in background research for project acquisition activities.


  • Be a student who needs to do a mandatory internship (highly recommended) as part of their studies (a declaration from the University is required).
  • Have an educational background in energy engineering, environmental and resource management, energy finance, energy data analysis or a related field; students with a financial / policy related background are also encouraged to apply.
  • Preferably, have some academic or work-related experience and interest in energy load demand estimation, projections, simulation of technical systems using digital tools.
  • Have a professional working knowledge of written and verbal communication skills in English (necessary), other languages ​​are seen as an advantage.
  • Have an advanced knowledge of MS Office (Word, PowerPoint and Excel); Knowledge of design and programming software (eg, HOMER, PVSyst/PVSol, Python, R) is a plus.
  • Be a team player with strong communication skills, as well as proactive attitude to tasks and responsibilities; have a demonstrated ability to work in a fast-moving environment with changing needs and deadlines.

Please make sure to send your CV and motivation letter to:

MicroEnergy International
Digitization and Tool Competence Center (DTCC)
Potsdamer Str. 143
10783 Berlin
Tapan Kumar
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