International Fellow with focus on climate change and energy

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Ecologic Institute is dedicated to the preparation of relevant sociopolitical aspects of sustainability research and contributing new knowledge to environmental policy. Ecologic Institute was founded in 1995 and collaborates closely with other European and international bodies, including active participation as a member of the Ecological Research Network (Ecornet). Today, more than 100 individuals at Ecologic Institute work in a variety of international and interdisciplinary project teams

The Ecologic Institute is looking forward to receiving applications from graduates and young professionals with an international background and environmental expertise to support projects in the fields of climate and energy policy and a strong desire to make life on this planet sustainable.

Your Tasks:

  • You support projects with a focus on climate and energy policy-making at EU and Member State level.
  • You take on a variety of tasks that may vary depending on the project and subject area, e.g. research tasks, conducting surveys and interviews as well as text elaborations
  • You contribute to policy or data analysis and you are co-author of project reports
  • You create and edit website content and support social media accounts
  • You assist in the planning and realization of project-related events
  • If possible, you participate in environmental events and conferences
  • You broaden your understanding of important European, national, European and global policy issues through exchange and networking with other (policy) scientists

To qualify for the International Fellowship Program at the Ecologic Institute you should meet at least two of the following criteria:

  • Completed master's degree in political science, economics, engineering, environmental sciences or a comparable degree from outside Germany
  • First relevant work experience abroad
  • A relevant network outside Germany
  • Extended periods of living abroad

To qualify for the advertised position in the context of the International Fellowship Program we expect:

  • Knowledge in the field of climate and/or energy policy and policy-making at EU level.
  • Fluency in English.
  • Capacity to independently carry out research tasks and present findings in a structured manner.
  • Ideally, experience with working in international teams
  • Ideally, first practical experience with international NGOs, research institutes and / or other organisations of political science or environmental issues.
  • Team orientation, with the ability to work independently and interdisciplinarily
  • Knowledge/Experience in the following research areas will be considered as an asset:
    digitilization, hydrogen, green finance, health as well as experience in sustainability studies in the Asian Region
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