Master’s thesis: “Planning energy systems of the future: Optimizing sector-coupled energy systems”

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Reiner Lemoine Institute is an independent non-profit research institution that contributes to a transformation towards a sustainable energy supply based on 100 % renewable energy. Our three research fields are Transformation of Energy

Systems, Mobility with Renewable Energy, and Off-Grid Systems. We conduct applied research to scientifically support the long-term transition of the energy supply system towards renewable energy.

We are offering the following topic for a

Master’s thesis: “Planning energy systems of the future: Optimizing sector-coupled energy systems”

within the Research Unit Off-Grid-Systems.


In the Research Unit Off-Grid Systems, we develop renewable-energy-based electrification strategies for developing regions and optimize hybrid mini-grids applying energy system simulations and geoinformation software (GIS).

We are offering a student position in context of the research project E-Land to work on the following tasks:

Your tasks:

  1. Support the development of a novel open-source optimization tool for sector-coupled energy systems
  2. Apply said tool to multiple case studies in Spain, Norway, Romania, and India
  3. Validate the simulation tool´s results with other simulation tools
  1. A friendly and open work environment with a young team (currently about 70 employees, with appr. 25 students)
  2. A transparent and participatory corporate culture
  3. Participation in an interdisciplinary, international research project
  4. Academic support and supervision
  5. Optional in-house trainings
  6. Potential career opportunities
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