Umweltingenieur (MSc-TU München) sucht eine Stelle im Bereich Wasseraufbereitung und Technologien

The specific field water treatment and technologies are the major working area that I want to pursue my future career. Therefore, I would like to offer my candidacy for the positions that are suitable for my education and level. I am open to work remotely.
I have obtained my Master’s Degree from Environmental Engineering Department of Technical University of Munich (TUM).
My major focus areas in my master degree were urban water engineering that includes water treatment, reuse technologies and water-food-energy nexus that defines the security of these three elements within the environment and sustainable development. During my master study, I completed experimental and theoretical studies at TUM Chair of Urban Water Systems Engineering. I did my mandatory research project as “Data analysis of wind and solar energy for the future and to find out the excess power appears in Germany" to assess generation from variable renewables with the demand of electricity to prove the energy storage requirements for Germany. I wrote my Master’s thesis on “Biomass build up and transformation product formation as indicators of biodegradation processes in biofilters”. It was a comparative study to investigate the biomass build up and bio-transformation product formation between biological activated carbon filter and sand filter with analytically sensitive methods.
I have an industrial experience from my Bachelor’s degree with internships, which were related to solid waste plants, water management and occupational health and safety applications.
In addition, my german level is B1 and I am still learning.
H. Sahanoglu

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