M.Sc. Water management, nature restoration, environment protection, sustainable management


I am a nature lover who treasures the value of nature, and likes to work for it.

Open for jobs across different fields of water management, nature restoration, environment protection, sustainable management.


Currently I am working on my M.Sc. thesis project for my study program: Transnational ecosystem-based water management , that involves nutrients estimation of a river catchment with their potential removal through sustainable management. This modern day international study program brings together the sustainable management of hydrology, ecology and their socio-economic aspects . Providing natural solutions to envrionmental issues, rather than technical one's. A double degree program that provides a Dutch and a German degree from the University Duisburg-Essen and Radboud University, Nijmegen, imparting knowledge from both Dutch and German expertise while making us familar with their different cultures and respective research approaches.

Total working experience: 2 years and 6 months

I also hold a Master's Degree of Engineering in Biotechnology, with my total experience involving working across varied fields.

Software skills:

  • Microsoft office (MS Word, MS Power Point, MS Excel).
  • ArcGis (not an expert, but have a short working experience)

Personal skills :

  • Sincere and hard working.
  • Good communication skills and fluent in English.
  • Believes in organized and systematic work.
  • Registered amateur footballer, with keen interest in other outdoor sports.
February 2021 (Tentative)
Mridul Trehan

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